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Portfolio Religious Projects

Hillcrest Baptist Church, Generations Building 800 East Nine Mile Road, Pensacola, Florida

  • Size: 75,000 SF
  • Completion Date: November 2008
  • Architect: George Koper Associates

The "Generations" Building is a 75,000 SF multi-purpose facility which provides numerous classrooms, offices, multimedia fellowship/dining area, a commercial grade kitchen, 400 (+) seat arena for plays/concerts, conference rooms, coffee shop, bookstore, and full-court gymnasium with adjacent locker rooms for the purpose of serving all members of the congregation ('generations').

Morette Company was instrumental in assisting the Architect/Owner during the Design Process. Morette Company provided Value Engineering, Constructability Input, Scheduling and Estimating services that were integral in developing the Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP). Additionally, Morette Company was able to exceed the Owner's anticipated Sales Tax Savings by 46% through the Owner Direct Purchase Program which equated to an amount just under $60,000 in additional sales tax savings returned to the Owner.

Other Religious Projects

Grace Lutheran Church

  • Location: Pensacola, Florida
  • Size: 6,500 SF
  • Completion: August 2011

Hillcrest Baptist Church, Generations Building

  • Location: Pensacola, Florida
  • Size: 75,000 SF
  • Completion: November 2008

Olive Baptist Church Ministry Building

  • Location: Pensacola, FL
  • Size: 29,255 SF
  • Completion: January 2017

St. John Divine Sanctuary

  • Location: Pensacola, FL
  • Size: 14,800 SF
  • Completion: January 2017

St. Paul Catholic Church & School

  • Location: Pensacola, Florida
  • Size: 42,535 SF
  • Completion: June 2007

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